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Title/description Author ISBN Unit Price  
Democratic Oak Tree
Drawbridge Press, 2016
paper, 144 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9831504-8-0 $12.00 Order now
Gilgamesh Plays
Drawbridge Press, 2017
paper, 275 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9831504-3-5 $9.95 Order now
Gilgamesh Plays
Drawbridge Press, 2017
cloth, 275 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9831504-4-2 $19.95 Order now
Protean Press,1992
paper, 607 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9625780-1-4 $29.95 Order now
Fontis Press, 2010
paper, 890 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9711705-1-3 $29.95 Order now
Protean Press, 1996
paper, 663 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9625780-2-1 $29.95 Order now
Basilicum Press, 1999
paper, 1089 pages
Jonathan Bayliss 978-0-9667807-0-3 $34.95 Order now
Gloucesterman (the four titles) Jonathan Bayliss GMANSET $99.00 Order now